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Does your business really need a website? The average adult spends over 2 hours a day online, so the short answer... Only if you want to look legitimate and connect with more customers. We are proud to say, every one of our websites have lead to an increased customer base and most of our sites pay for themselves in less than a month. 

Web Development & Design

We design great websites from start to finish 

Meet The Digitizers:

senoia web design agency
senoia web design agency


Co-founder Developer


Co-founder Designer

Why us?


We begin by developing a strategy that fits your business model.  Before we even begin building your site, we research your market and provide you with relevant key words, sources of blogs, and identify your competition.

Once our web design team has conducted our research, we determine the best type of website that will exceed your needs.  Perhaps you need an e-commerce site to sell thousands of products or a simple informative site.  Either way, we have you covered and will support and coach for as long as you need. 

Our Process


Digitize Your Work is a web development company located in Senoia, Georgia, which is just south of Peachtree City, Georgia. We work with both small and large businesses and the occasional individual who needs that perfect website.


No matter the size, we are committed to develop an understanding of your individual needs. We will ensure that our solution aligns with your vision and helps your business grow.

Smarter Sites


Web development and web design are not the same thing. The web designer is responsible for organizing the website, designing the colors, picking out the images, etc.  


A web developer is the behind the scenes person who programs the website using various types of code. The code may be JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. The web developer also monitors the SEO of the website and determines the best ways to improve the search ranking.  


At Digitize Your Work we can design AND develop your perfect site.  



As freelance web designers in Georgia, we specialize in custom website design, web hosting, start ups, e-commerce, customer training, social media, and marketing. 


Digitization is just the beginning of our commitment to you. We will continue to work with you and support you even after your site is complete.  Our flexible payment options are designed for all types of businesses. 

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